Minelli Group - From custom components to innovative solutions. Since 1937.

From custom components to innovative solutions

Since 1937.

Mastering woodcraft, streamlining systems, innovating materials.

Since 1937, we've specialized in premium custom-made wood components, but our expertise goes beyond that: we offer comprehensive design and production support with a variety of materials and are at the forefront of researching and developing innovative wood-based solutions.

Why Minelli?

We are reliable partners, we have competences and values.
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Support & co-design

We accompany you from the development stage to the definition of the most efficient production process. Our co-design experts will share their vast experience to help you obtain the best product.

Passion & commitment

Every single employee at Minelli shares a deep passion for material processing and we are all committed to respecting client requirements and needs.

Rigorous Methodology

The Minelli methodology was developed over more than 8 decades in order to guarantee that each and every step of the production process is analyzed and planned down to the last detail.

We operate five production plants across Europe and the USA. This guarantees quick and precise delivery time to any European or American client.

Crafting excellence: our legacy in woodwork and beyond.

Established in 1937, our legacy is deeply rooted in crafting premium custom-made wood components that stand the test of time. However, our commitment to excellence doesn't stop at just components. We understand that the journey of creating a masterpiece requires more than just parts; it demands vision, design, and seamless integration.

That's why we extend our expertise to provide comprehensive design and production support, ensuring that every project benefits from our decades of experience.

And while wood remains our primary medium, our capabilities are not limited to it. We work with a diverse range of materials, ensuring that every creation is as unique as the vision behind it.

Furthermore, as pioneers in our field, we are constantly researching and developing innovative wood-based materials, pushing the boundaries of what's possible and setting new standards in craftsmanship and innovation.

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Our circular economy model

Green policy

We use 100% certified wood from sustainably managed forests with water based lacquers. Learn what we do to reduce our impact on the planet.

Our Sustainability Report

Discover how we're building a greener future. Download our sustainability report today and be part of the change.

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