Fast prototyping - See it before we make it

Fast prototyping

You need to examine the end product to see if it fits your requirements

See it before we make it.

Our design software enables us to provide the client with a 3D simulation of the final product before it goes to production.

In many cases, however, it is necessary to have the physical sample of the final product in hand in order to make the correct considerations. For this purpose, Minelli has built and set up a dedicated prototyping division, capable of producing a 1:1 sample of the final product.


Only when you hold the final product in your hand you are able to really decide whether the shape and design of the element meet all of your needs and requirements.

Production procedure

During the prototyping phase, we are able to simulate the different production steps and predict possible problems in order to implement the necessary modifications before the actual production starts.


When the component has to be assembled later on with other elements, the client can actually test the product in its final form in order to determine if slight modifications are required.

Case study

Extremely challenging prototyping for well-known luxury brand


Customer product samples to be prototyped were not consistent neither repeatable, changing milling geometry details and other aspects from piece to piece. Industrial cost, passing from a small handcrafted quantity to a large industrial quantity to be manufactured with consistency and repeatability, needed to be put under control. Time-to-market was extremely challenging, asking for a first industrial prototype in less than 10 days.


Optimize the milling surfaces to allow this product to be milled continuously instead of point-to-point. Organize all the prototyping operations in order to meet Customer’s needs.


Minelli re-designed the 3D surfaces in co-engineering with the Customer and managed all steps of prototyping (machining, polishing, painting, laser marking, control and packing) in less than 10 days.


Cost and Timing targets reached. Successful product launch with consistent quality and optimized industrial cost.

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