Industrial engineering -

Industrial engineering

Decades of experience lead to optimized manufacturing processes

Dealing with high quantities.

When high quantities are required, developing and setting-up the correct production process is crucial in order to guarantee quality consistency and cost effectiveness.

Each sequence along the production line can impact the machine capacity, product precision, raw material waste, and final costs dramatically.

With millions of successful production processes under our belt, no one but Minelli can develop the most efficient production line to meet the client’s expectations.

Our industrial engineering experts will examine all product specifications in order to identify the most suitable machinery required and define the right sequences along the production process.

If necessary, develop specific tools and fixtures. When appropriate, Minelli is able to build and set-up a dedicated production line in order to meet clients’ specific requirements and needs.

Case study

Becoming a “one-stop, full-line” supplier requires expansion of wood technology into metal and brass products


Customer desired supplier to take over more sub-assembly, finish, and assemble brass recoil pads to wooden gun stocks.


Polishing robot technology now used to polish brass recoil pads to necessary brilliance.


Minelli modified and adapted polishing robot used to deliver high gloss finish on knife handles.


Customer able to transfer more sub-assembly to Minelli and reduce costs by eliminating expensive in-house labour.

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