Our supply chain - Five production plants across Europe and the USA

Our supply chain

The Minelli Group operates five production plants across Europe and the USA

Our distributed model

The physical presence of the group on both Europe and USA guarantees quick and precise delivery time to any European or American client.

Some advantages of our model:


Possibility of customization


Prevention of risks & delays


We produce locally

The Minelli Group can rely on several production plants in both the U.S. and Europe, which provide clients with major advantages:

  • if any major damage occurs at one of the plants, we can quickly switch production to another plant without any negative consequences for our clients
  • we can cooperate with you and communicate easily without distance being a problem
  • you can see and touch a physical prototype of your wooden objects to determine if they correspond to your idea or if they must be modified

Dedicated warehousing & JIT delivery

When required, we can set up production lines for your products, allowing you to order specific quantities and customizing them on demand according to your clients’ requirements.

We can also provide dedicated warehousing solutions to guarantee just in time delivery. It means we can manufacture your wooden components in advance and store them in secure and safe warehouses so that you can order from stock with virtually instantaneous delivery.

Relying on a manufacturer located in your own country — whether in Europe or the U.S. — is safer and more convenient.

Our Sustainability Report

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